Jess McLure profile
Jess McLure profile
Jess McLure

Junior Art Director & Designer

Expertise Areas

Ideation, art direction, copywriting, developing integrated campaigns, design, typography

Summary work history

Jess got her start in ad land selling ideas in account service before discovering her passion for making them as an Art Director. This led to further studies at AWARD School, Copy School and Shillington.

Across both account and creative roles, Jess
has worked on a range of brands spanning banking, pharma, automotive and FMCG. She has also written, illustrated and published a picture book.

Bursting with creative energy,  Jess brings her curiosity, passion for ideas and problem solving to every creative brief.

Overview of relevant experience

  • Toyota, ‘Turn On The Fun’ (OOH roll outs)
  • St.George Bank, ‘What The Beep’, ‘Lightning’, ‘The Real Squeeze’ (Radio 30”)
  • AWARD School/News Corp, ‘Blanket’ (Press For Change Winner)
  • Published, Every Body Type (Finalist, ‘Design For Good’, 2020 AGDA Awards)