Lucy Hicks profile
Lucy Hicks profile
Lucy Hicks


Expertise Areas

Client liaison, production management, campaign management, creative development supervision, video and post production.

Summary work history

Lucy keeps Campaign Edge running on time; her role across the business is to ensure every I is dotted and every T is crossed. As our agency producer, she ensures everything gets made and moves to the next stage of production. 

Lucy has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (Film, Television & New Media Production) from QUT and has worked across the Cutting Edge Group through multiple election campaigns in a Producer/Coordinator role. Now with Campaign Edge, Lucy brings her process-driven, detail, and client service focused expertise to all of our client’s work.

Overview of relevant experience

Managing development, production and post as a Producer on a range of Agency projects including: 

  • Queensland Treasury, Unite & Recover (Nov, 2020)
  • SDA, No One Deserves A Serve (Dec, 2020)
  • UFU, FRV Ready for Anything (2021)
  • ETU / CFMEU, Omnibus Campaign (Jan, 2021)