Samantha Harley profile
Samantha Harley profile
Samantha Harley

Art Director

Expertise Areas

Art direction, branding, creative strategy, ideation, developing and producing integrated campaigns, graphic design, and animation.

Summary work history

Samantha’s diverse career originated in broadcast television. She has created content for various news and entertainment shows that have allowed her to develop an arsenal of skills.

After completing AWARD School, Sam joined the Ad industry as an Art Director working with big-name brands across fast food, aviation, banking, automotive, and shopping centres.

Her range of skills in art direction, motion graphics, edit, design, and concept work makes for an excellent addition to our highly skilled Campaign Edge team.

Overview of relevant experience

Art Direction working under ECD Dee Madigan to develop ideas and content creation across various channels:

  • Dementia Action Week (Sept 2020)
  • Australian National University, Less Commonly Taught Languages campaign (March 2020)
  • Fred Hollows, Carry on Fred’s Vision campaign (2020)
  • Class Actions, Keep Corporations Honest (2020)
  • Dementia Australia, Help keep the world open (2020)
  • QNMU, Stop the cuts in Aged Care! (2020)
  • ADF, Little Habits (2020)
  • Amaze, Change Your Reactions (2020) 
  • UFU, FRV Ready for Anything (2021)