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Change your Reactions

More than half of autistic Australians and their families experience significant social isolation, with 40 per cent revealing they sometimes struggle to leave the house because they’re concerned about being subjected to discriminatory or negative behaviours in the community.

On top of this, 85% of Australians know a person with autism but only 29% know how to support an autistic person.

Campaign Edge worked with Amaze Victoria to create a groundbreaking behaviour change campaign called ‘Change your Reactions’ – the first autism public education campaign in Australian history.

The creative focuses on common situations faced by people living with autism – and how we can better identify and respond to those situations.

We developed an integrated national TV and digital campaign – achieving a recall rate of 56% for the broad community and a remarkable 72% for those who are autistic – with over 50,000 visitors during the life of the campaign to the dedicated campaign website.

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