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Ambulance Employees Association SA

Dying for more Ambos

The Marshall Liberal Government cut $11 million in funding from the SA Ambulance Service in their first 2 years in office.
These cuts resulted in blow outs to ambulance response times and record ramping at hospitals.

Adelaide has the worst response time of any Capital City at 34 mins, and SA the worst response times in its history.

Sadly, many people died as a result of these failures, and other lives were put at risk.

Campaign Edge developed the ‘SA is Dying for more ambos’ campaign to demonstrate to the South Australian community the real dangers of underfunding the Ambulance Service.
Our hard-hitting ad shows how terrifying it is for people to be without quick emergency response when needed.

The ad ran on Broadcast TV, Catch Up TV and Facebook during the election period.


  • Viewed over 500,000 times on Catch Up TV
  • 1.8 million ads served on Facebook
  • Viewed 383,000 times on YouTube with a completion rate of over 60%, 3x the industry average for non-skippable ads
  • Reached over 1 million South Australians via radio
  • Generated 27,000 clicks to the campaign website & over 3,000 emails to the Government.

In March 2022, the Marshall Government was removed from office by South Australian voters, with one of the major reasons being its management of the ambulance service.

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