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Ambulance Employees Association SA

Dying for more Ambos

The Marshall Liberal Government has cut $11 million in funding from the SA Ambulance Service in their first 2 years in office.

As a result, ambulance response times in SA have blown out putting people’s lives at risk.

A shortage of resources has also led to ramping, where ambulances are parked outside major hospitals waiting to get patients inside for treatment.

Campaign Edge developed the ‘SA is Dying for more ambos’ campaign to demonstrate to the South Australian community the real dangers of underfunding the Ambulance Service.

The ‘News’ ad shows  a typical night in Adelaide when ambulance crews are trying to respond to emergencies but are finding it difficult due to there being no ambulance free to attend.

The ‘News ad’ was launched in September via Facebook reaching over 300,000 South Australians and generating over 2,000 emails to the Premier and Minister for Emergency Services to fund the Ambulance system properly.

In December, the second and main campaign ad ‘Quiet’ was launched’.  ‘Quiet’ demonstrates in a hard hitting way how the cuts to ambulance services could impact South Australian residents.

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