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Ipswich Library

Ipswich Library Interactive Sandbox

Our team was commissioned by Ipswich Library to develop a series of educational haptic (touch) displays using cutting edge augmented technology to create more effective learning spaces.

Our first project was an interactive haptic sandpit that blends virtual reality with the tactile interactions of real sand to demonstrate the effects of different soil depths in topography.

By moving and moulding the sand, users can change the sand-scape creating valleys and mountains to see how the new contours effect the scene.

Responding instantly to user interaction, the sandpit maps the geographical contours of the sand and projects colour coded layers that represent depth and height.

Visitors can also hold their hand above their creation causing rain and floods that interact with the valley contours below. Users can create dams to hold back large bodies of water and watch the results once they break them.

This unique hands-on experience is an environmental learning tool that can be used to explain the precipitation water cycle and the delicate balance  needed to maintain our ecological equilibrium. The Campaign Edge team not only developed the concept, but also created the technology, design, build and installation of the project including the purpose-built computer system and transportable cabinet.

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