Virtual ReefPreview

Ipswich Library

Virtual Reef

Tasked with creating the first dedicated Children’s Library in Australia, Ipswich Libraries vision was clear; to create a space that simultaneously offered the usual comforts to encourage reading while promoting learning through fun. 

To bring this idea to life, Ipswich Library sought the creativity of Campaign Edge, who together designed a series of permanent, interactive installations to satiate childrens’ playfulness while they learned. 

Drawing on Ipswich’s prehistoric origins as an ancient sea bed, we created an immersive experience filled with educational activities by creating a virtual reef teeming with fish infused with artificial intelligence which the children could make themselves. The installation allows children to colour in paper templates and feed them into the purpose-built scanning table where their creations can join the reef. 

The reef is shown on two 65" portholes designed to look like the side of a submarine, allowing the children to feel immersed as if they are in a submarine. Plus, the fun does not stop there. They can also feed and interact with the fish. Every so often, the reef is visited by two enormous dinosaurs which cause the fish to quickly disperse.

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