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United We Fight

In the lead up to the biggest union amalgamation in Australian history, Campaign Edge was tasked with developing a member campaign for the “Yes” vote. With politicians and business groups dominating the “No” voice, and some internal resistance to change from members of both unions, we needed to give members a reason to support the change.

We used the support of the NO vote from ‘the enemy’ i.e. Big Business and Liberal Party leaders, as a reason to Vote YES.

Through a strong social media strategy, we utilised the union member lists to optimise Facebook targeting with a 72% success and 84% reach rate. Our message spread quickly, accumulating 258,000 impressions - but we knew the only number that mattered was the vote count.

Achieving a historically high voting rate of one in two members, the amalgamation received an overwhelming “Yes” vote spearheaded by MUA members. A vote that changed the workers’ unions, driven by one voice – United we fight.

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