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NSW Teachers Federation

More Than Thanks

The Brief

The agreement that governs the salaries of teachers ran out at the end of 2020. The NSW Teachers Federation wanted to run a campaign to build community support for higher salaries and better workloads for public school teachers because by getting the community on board, the Federation would have greater leverage when negotiating with the government for these salary increases.

The purpose of this campaign was to persuade parents of children that investing in teachers will pay off for their children.

Target Insight and Motivations

Public school parents were the primary demographic targeted during the campaign.

They are politically important to the government across a number of key seats, very engaged with their child’s learning, and highly sympathetic to the pay claim brought forward by the union.

A number of studies have established that the impact teachers have on student learning is greater than any other factor.

Our creative responses sought to answer the parental need to ensure that their children receive the best education possible by reminding them that better paid teachers would mean a better education for their kids.


Launching 18 months into a global pandemic, during a lockdown, with teacher and parent fatigue running at an all-time high, this campaign needed to land in exactly the right place. Under-do it, and the risk proposition and urgency would fail to cut through; over-egg it, and you might lose the public who all feel hard done by during the outbreak.

Seeing this dynamic play out in the research, the campaign launched with a deliberately softly framed ask: that teachers deserve more than just “thanks” for everything they have done – they deserve a pay rise.

Later pivots to harder negatives targeting the Premier equally tracked public sentiment and appetite for a fight about teacher pay and conditions.


Tranche one of this integrated campaign was deployed across traditional broadcast (TV and radio), localised press ads, alongside social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube) and catch up TV.

We kept the buy as flexible as possible to respond to changing restrictions over lockdown, repurposing out of home spend where appropriate to reinvesting into targeted digital buys. 

The campaign additionally included a bespoke website and campaign print (posters and DLX executions) and merchandise.

Topline Results

  • 22,920,810 total digital impressions
  • 5,740,463 total completed views
  • 65,753 total click throughs

Across Catch Up TV, Online Video, YouTube, HPTO Display and in our retargeting, creative smashed industry benchmarks:

  • Catch Up: 1,796,949 views with a 97.72% completion rate, above benchmark
  • Online Video: 785,457 views, with a 63.67% completion rate, 13% above benchmark
  • YouTube: 2,230,232 views, with a 81.78% completion rate, above benchmark

While the media strategy was dominated by traditional broadcast media channels and digital, finely targeted arrangements were put in place to go harder after the key demographic: public school parents:

  • MammaMia, a popular and trusted news site for the demographic in play, saw 484,232 people reached through a targeted buy, with almost 90,000 engagements.
  • Solus EDM, a popular provider of digital public school newsletters, rendered 4.7 million impressions.

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