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NT Labor

NT Election 2016

We created a series of ‘get to know him’ ads about Michael Gunner prior to election which presented him as local, personable, and warm. These worked to increase his recognition and likeability.

For the election we developed ads showing him as a leader with solid plans for the Territory. These worked to position him as a credible alternative.

We developed the election brand look and feel, which ran across every piece of material from TV to digital and social media, outdoor and direct mail.

Prior to the election we began a series of data gathering online campaigns which helped us identify voters and the issues they cared about, which made it easier to remarket to them in the election.

For the first time ever, smartphone usage in indigenous communities was high so it meant we could run micro-targeted digital campaigns to reach a group of voters that were previously incredibly difficult to reach.

We matched the negative and positive TV campaigns with micro-targeted online campaigns for every seat, and we ran campaigns against independents showing their links to the CLP. Because we knew that voters had just come out of a very long Federal campaign, we made sure the advertising was creative and engaging, using humour to sell negative messages.

It worked!

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