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Queensland Labor

Queensland Election 2015

From strategy development to creative and production, Campaign Edge teamed up with our post production partner Cutting Edge to dominate the 2015 Queensland Election.

The Labor party had a fresh faced leader, a stark comparison from the current turbulent and unpopular Liberal-National government. We knew we could use this to our advantage and set out to quickly define the Labor leader, Annastacia Palaszczuk, as the compassionate and strong change Queensland needed.

Creating and overseeing all aspects of the election campaign advertising, including TV, radio, outdoor, digital and social media channels, our creative director Dee Madigan worked with party officials and researchers to create regionalised advertising ensuring the campaign had the greatest impact on its target audience.

The results of the digital work were a game-changer, with the creative seen by the 1.3 million target audience members 4 times. And with a click-through 8 times the Facebook average, the sites received 212,093 visitors and allowed us to push localised electorate based re-marketing to 2.3 million audience member and get 675,647 visitors to our how to vote websites in the last four days alone.

The result was a win for the Labor government. From 9 Labor seats to 44, our campaign defined the main issues of the election period on only 10% of the oppositions advertising budget.

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