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Queensland Labor

Queensland Election 2017

With the polls neck and neck, this was always going to be a tight election. To win a majority, Labor needed to win more seats than last time, without the ‘I hate Campbell Newman’ factor.

We ran a positive campaign to highlight the achievements and stability of the Labor government.

By reminding people that Tim Nicholls had been Campbell Newman’s right-hand man and behind most of the bad LNP decisions of the previous government, we helped made Tim Nicholls unelectable in his own right.

We then prosecuted the message that he could only get in with One Nation’s help. And that would mean chaos.

By reminding the soft One Nation voters that their vote would put the LNP into government, and by reminding the soft LNP voters that a vote for the LNP would give One Nation power, we started to see a shift in the polls.

Targeting numerous demographics across a vast state, we hit all 93 unique electorate seats, with strong engagement state-wide. Using highly localised messaging in a multi-platform campaign, our online and offline media presence was powerful, and the work was reflected in the results. A majority Labor government, Labor aligned crossbenchers, and only a single seat for One Nation.

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