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No One Deserves a Serve - Fast Food

Following on from the success No One Deserves a Serve, “Henry” is the next stage in the campaign against customer abuse of retail and fast food workers.

“Henry” uses hyperbole to portray rude customers as if they were Kings and Queens talking down to servants to remind customers that just because fast food staff serve you, it doesn’t mean they’re beneath you.

Across the festive season, we released an integrated campaign with creative across TV, radio and digital - including Facebook and Snapchat.

We achieved over 1.2 million impressions across Facebook and Instagram, and an addition 1.59 million impressions to 931,000 unique users on Snapchat. All three platforms generated an average completion rate of 34% - almost double the industry standard. Even more impressively, the creative achieved a click-through rate of almost 6 times the industry standard.

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