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No One Deserves a Serve

2018 Mumbrella Ad of the Year Finalist

Over 85% of all retail and hospitality staff are abused on the job – a percentage that is not only alarmingly high, but completely unacceptable. With the SDA (the retail and hospitality workers’ union) we set out to increase awareness of this fact and encourage customers to stop, reflect, and change their behaviour towards retail and hospitality staff.

Leading up to Christmas, one of the busiest retail periods of the year, we released a series of online videos and television ads reminding customers to keep their cool and check themselves when they check out.


The videos resonated across the nation with news outlets, bloggers, and social media platforms sharing, commenting and engaging with the campaign at a record level.

We achieved over 100 thousand clicks to the website, 2.2 million impressions with an almost 900 thousand reach, and best of all a click-through rate of 4.92% - that's nearly 10x the industry benchmark.

No One Deserves a Serve was the union movement making headlines and standing up for its members over the 2017 Christmas period.

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