AR flood awareness campaignPreview

SES Victoria

AR flood awareness campaign

How can we teach people about the consequences of not driving on flooded roads? Let them experience it.

In 2018 we worked with SES Victoria to create the iconic 15 to Float campaign - warning viewers that it can take just 15cms of water for your car to float.

In 2021, we extended that campaign into the new world of Augmented Reality (AR).

The 15 to Float AR execution creates a safe virtual environment for the user to be presented with a flooded roadway - and offers a number of options to simulate similar decision making processes which would be required in a real life scenario.

Released via Facebook AR camera it allows SES Vic to get the experience out to as many devices as possible without having to contend with installing new software. 

We completed the experience with trigger content such as a fridge magnet that allows the audience to scan a QR code to start the experience and get updates on the latest flood conditions.

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