Sony multiscreen

With an exciting project requested by Sony, Campaign Edge set out to develop the Sony Multiscreen vision - a breakthrough technology concept for Sony.

The idea would be revolutionary for Sony – take a photo on your Sony camera and flick it to your Sony television, tablet, phone or laptop. It was an out-there idea, but the digital experts at Campaign Edge bought it to life.

Campaign Edge’s digital team developed all of the software assets for this multiplatform campaign including the base app, Windows specific programs, and the central server that made it all happen. Together, these software assets integrated to make this concept a reality allowing screen synchronisation across multiple devices.

On top of this project, Sony also called upon Campaign Edge for inspiration and creative thinking using their digital signage software and briefed the team to create eye-catching, awe-inspiring motion graphics to help build brand recognition. Working with one of the world leading digital signage software products – Sony Ziris – the Campaign Edge digital and motion graphics teams were able to create elaborate video walls with big-impact visuals using this next generation digital signage solution.

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