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Trade and Invest Queensland

Website Build

Trade and Invest Queensland (TIQ) wanted to unveil a new website for an upcoming Trade Week. With the TIQ team’s new-age approach it was important to deliver a high value asset in a short time frame that not only supported TIQ’s new brand objectives, but also established a foundation that allowed TIQ to expand overtime.

Under a tight deadline Campaign Edge created a responsive website incorporating user friendly data forms and multiple social touch points. Based on extensive user research, Campaign Edge's design gave TIQ’s website a fresh and vibrant feel that reflects their educated, dynamic, and forward-thinking workforce audience. Our digital team also included geo-targeting to ensure the website reflected the needs of the audience no matter where in the world they were.

Supporting assets were created for social media channels and the eDM template to give TIQ the complete package including a consistent look and feel across all digital elements.

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