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United Voice

Keep Your Children at Home Day

For the third time in 12 months, early childhood educators were walking off the job for better pay. This time we needed be bolder to gain the attention and support of educators, early learning centres, and parents across Australia.

With our client – United Voice – we set out to create a campaign for the biggest walk off in early educators history. We launched Keep your Children at Home Day with a television heavy strategy that posed the question “Most of our learning is done in the first 4 years of our life, so why are our early learning educators paid so little?”.

This simple question resonated with parents and early learning centres across Australia.
With an estimated over 30,000 parents making other care arrangements and 6,500 educators from over 300 centres registered to walk off, our campaign had unprecedented results with more than 100% increase in participants in comparison to the previous two walk offs.

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