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United Voice

Penalty Rates

Campaign Edge worked with United Voice on a campaign to remind voters about the Liberals cuts to penalty rates and their threat to do more cuts across the board if re-elected. We developed a phased campaign which showed the effect penalty rates cut have had and the type of workers that would suffer the same fate under Morrison Government.

The following phases were to highlight Labor’s commitment to restore penalty rates and a get out the vote message during pre-poll leading into election day.

We developed 5 core TV ads for this national campaign and positive and negative ads that ran across 31 target seats and developed digital and print materials for this fully integrated campaign.

We also managed the media buying and planning for the campaign across TV, Catch up TV/VOD, Youtube, Facebook/Instagram, Print, Radio and Cinema Advertising.

Campaign Stats: 

  • 2.09m completed views on catch up TV
  • 1.4m completed video views across online video and youtube.
  • 1.6m views of videos across Facebook/Instagram with an average frequence of 6.5x
  • 6m impressions across 1,910 spots on tv (with over 600 bonus spots negotiated).

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