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Youngcare, a charitable organisation that moves young people with high care needs out of aged care and into purpose-built facilities, initiated a two-week campaign - You Hold The Key - to increase brand awareness and engagement.

The Campaign Edge team joined the project to create the microsite for the campaigns call-to-action -

Briefed to create a short term and impactful website that would deliver over 10,000 visits in 2-weeks, the Campaign Edge digital team were called upon for their lateral thinking, expertise, and guidance to help our client achieve the best campaign results possible.

The greatest challenge in this campaign was the limited timeframe. Our team had to create a sense of urgency around the call-to-action to encourage the audience to “buy a virtual key” and share the campaign. With a payment gateway, social sharing, send-to-friend and Facebook gallery integrations, our campaign microsite was packed with functionality which amplified the user experience, supported the project’s purpose, and added value to the ‘purchase of a virtual key’ process.

Our primary objective was to raise awareness of the Youngcare charity, and with our seamless integration of social channels we achieved over 2,000 social referrals within the first week of the campaign.

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