Helping Trade Unions Fight For Workers Amidst Economic Challenges

It’s been a tough year for so many Australians; with rolling interest rate hikes, mounting cost of living pressures, and a rental crisis continuing to take its toll on the nation.

But let’s be clear: the burden hasn’t been shared equally.

While nearly everyone has felt the pinch, it’s the hard working everyday Australians who bear the brunt.

And to make matters worse, corporate profits are soaring to record highs as they hike their prices far beyond the rate of inflation (on the excuse that they are responding to inflation), only inflaming the problem and increasing the pressure on ordinary Australians.

This moment underscores the critical importance of Trade Unions—now more than ever they are lifelines that have the capacity to empower, energise, and action real change for their members.

Which is why we are thrilled to have helped achieve some important gains for the Union movement and their members this year.
We worked with…

The Mining and Energy Union to call on the Government to end the labour hire loopholes that are driving down wages and conditions

Our extension to the ‘Same Job Same Pay’ Campaign calls out the big companies for paying labour hire workers less than permanent workers for doing exactly the same job. And, good news, the Albanese Government is set to legislate to fix the issue once and for all this September.

Results so far

  • 9.7m impressions
  • 2.66M people reached
  • 40k clicks through to website

The campaign continues. 

The HSU to increase awareness about the deteriorating state of the NSW health system under the NSW Liberals – securing a special commission of enquiry

We needed to show people that the deterioration of NSW health was because of two main reasons: Under the Liberals, money was being poorly spent (with a clear ask for a royal commission), and there was simply not enough staff due to low pay and poor conditions.

Our integrated campaign resulted in:

  • 9.1m impressions
  • 1m+ completed views
  • Labor committed to:
    • Royal commission-style inquiry into NSW health services, which they have since confirmed
    • 500 new paramedics

The CFMEU to help push the government to take real action on the housing crisis

Our campaign for the CFMEU emphasises the urgency and injustice that the housing crisis in Australia represents. We point out the obvious, which is that, there is something clearly very wrong when, while corporate profits for our largest companies are through the roof, some Aussies can barely afford to keep on over their head. Drawing upon economic modelling, we argue that the government needs to establish a super profits tax to address housing inequality in Australia. If implemented, it would be a game change; the revenue from an economy-wide super profits tax (SPT) is modelled to raise $290 billion over the next decade and fund the $28 billion per annum required to ‘close the housing gap’ in social and affordable housing by 2041. 

Results so far

  • 10.7M impressions
  • 6.8M people reached
  • 5.7k click throughs to the Website

The SDA to call on the NSW Government to give retail and fast food workers the same legal protection against abuse as other essential workers in NSW

To evolve our ‘No One Deserves a Serve’ campaign to highlight the fact that retail workers are not afforded the same legal protection against abuse as other essenti

Our integrated campaign resulted in:

  • 3.5m impressions
  • 1.8m completed views
  • NSW Labor committing to (and successfully implementing) tougher penalties for assault to also cover retail workers

And the CFMEU pushed the government to ban the importation and use of  Engineered Stone which causes deadly Silicosis. 

We developed a campaign across Broadcast, Digital and Radio to raise awareness of the lethal effects of cutting cheap engineered stone on workers. 

Our emotive ads drove people to a landing page – Stop this Killer Stone – where they could send a message to WHS Ministers across Australia demanding immediate action be taken.


  • 12,000+ emails sent in a week to Ministers along with 60 Minutes story and extensive PR campaign drove the WHS Ministers to unanimously agree to ask Safe Work Australia to come back with a plan to ban Engineered Stone.
  • In November 2023, IKEA and Bunnings pledged to begin phasing out Engineered Stone.

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