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1. No one cares about you

This is where you should start every piece of communication. Interest must be earned.

2. Attention seeking behaviour

“People don’t read ads. They read what interests them, and sometimes that happens to be an ad.”

David Ogilvy, Advertising legend.

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3. Before you start

Identify the problem you want to solve. Half the reason solutions fail is because they are trying to solve the wrong problem.

4. What do you want?

A “Like” on Facebook can mean sweet FA. Every piece of communication needs a purpose. Engagement without persuasion is a waste of money. Make sure there is a clear path from awareness to action.

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5. Incubation is essential

Don’t try to answer the brief immediately. You will only come up with logical answers. Truly creative solutions require lateral thinking which takes time.

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6. Creativity cuts through

Creativity is what gets people’s attention and drives action. Creativity is the art at the heart of persuasion.

7. Aim for the heart

Facts aren’t persuasive. It is only by engaging with people emotionally that you can drive them to action.

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8. If you can make people feel, you can make them do.

People make purchasing decisions emotionally. Whether it’s to buy a product, support a cause or vote a particular way, they are all purchasing decisions.

9. Be single-minded

If you throw someone one ball they’ll catch it; if you throw them five, they’ll catch none. Effective communication works in exactly the same way.

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10. Words matter

The words you use determine whether your message is heard through a sympathetic lens, which determines how effective your message will be. Don’t use jargon.

11. A picture paints a thousand words

Pictures circumvent critical thought and become ‘truth’ faster. If you have the choice between saying and showing it, choose to show it, every time.

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12. Show the problem

Once you show the problem the solution becomes easier to sell.

13. Loss beats gain

We are more persuaded by what we’ll lose than what we’ll gain. Our emotional reaction to loss is twice as intense as our joy at gain so don’t be afraid to go there.

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14. Don’t be boring

Serious, worthy stuff gets shared inside the bubble, funny and/or clever stuff gets shared by everyone.

15. Be prepared to kill your baby

It’s easy to fall in love with your idea but if it doesn’t answer the brief, it’s wrong.

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16. Timing is key

We are more receptive at certain times of the day. The persuasiveness of any message is hugely dependent on when it is heard.

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