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Bin More to Help More

With the NSW Government mandating FOGO bins for all Councils by 2030, Inner West Council was one of the early implementers of the change.

Moving to a FOGO bin service requires a major behaviour change from residents. This includes sorting rubbish in the home, adding a new FOGO caddy for organic waste, and putting out their waste for collection. Additionally, general rubbish collections were to become less frequent.

The objectives of the campaign are to increase community knowledge about what the FOGO service is and does, get the community on board by communicating the higher-level benefits of moving to a FOGO service, such as combating climate change, reducing emissions, and providing compost for farmers, and to communicate to residents how the Council is supporting them in the transition, including for those residents with specific needs like larger households, parents with young children, and the elderly.

Key insights revealed that people often feel that doing something to combat climate change is too difficult, or that what they do is not significant enough. However, a key fact we highlighted in the campaign is that food waste generates more emissions than the aviation industry.

By the simple act of using their own FOGO bins, residents can have a direct impact on reducing emissions and combating climate change.

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