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Dementia Australia

A Little Support Makes a Big Difference

Campaign Edge launched an expanded discrimination and awareness campaign for Dementia Australia, launching during this year’s Dementia Action Week.

The emotive  ‘A little support makes a big difference’’ campaign showcases how a little bit of support from family and friends can help people living with dementia and their carers live well.

The campaign aims to challenge stereotypes around people living with dementia.

Many Australians mistakenly believe people living with dementia can’t live rich and fulfilling lives after a diagnosis. That is an ingrained myth we are trying to change.

The campaign showcases the lives of a diverse group of Australians living with dementia – including their special tips on how they manage living with dementia.

This year’s Dementia Action Week campaign also includes carers of people living with dementia, reminding us that carers need support too.

The national campaign ran on Broadcast TV, Catch Up, Digital Display Facebook and Instagram. The results included:

– 588,000 completed views on Catch Up reaching an audience of 460,000

– Over 2 million impressions served via Facebook

– 1.8 million impressions served through content seeding stories

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