Dee Madigan profile
Dee Madigan profile
Dee Madigan

Executive Creative Director

Expertise Areas

Campaign development, strategy development and execution, behavioural change, research and focus group analysis.

Summary work history

An English teacher by trade, Dee sold out and joined the advertising world in 1995. Dee is an award-winning Creative Director with 25+ years’ experience in the industry. She has worked on some of Australia’s largest brands in almost every category including FMCG, banking and finance, health and education.

She understands the need for creativity as a tool to persuade an audience and effective messages are always based on brand truths. Dee has an inherent knowledge of how to develop and roll out a truly integrated campaign, from TV ads and traditional media, through to digital and social media.

Overview of relevant experience

She has a strong background in social and political marketing for federal, state and local governments. Dee has also designed campaigns for a range of NFPs and charities.

Dee is one of Australia’s most experienced political campaigners. She has been Creative Director on 22 elections (17 wins!) , including the 2016 and 2020 ACT and NT elections and the 2015, 2017 and 2020 QLD elections. 

Dee is a panelist on Gruen (ABC) and Sunrise (Ch7)  and appears regularly on The Project (Ch10)  and The Drum (ABC).

She is the author of The Hard Sell (MUP 2014) and is a contributing author in Change! Combining analytic approaches with street wisdom (ANU 2015) and MotherMorphosis (MUP 2015).